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There are hot dogs on the grill but it's the plump summer sausages simmering in the hot tub that has our attention. We made our way to the 'Cock-pot' for a healthy serving of mutton before heading inside to cool off with a smorgasbord of meatsicles. click here

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When Sincer & Joey arrived, they barely knew each other, but Gay College Sex Parties always have a way of bringing men together. These guys had no clue what they were in for, but they ended up having a great time, and by the end of the night Sincer & Joey were best butties!!
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It's time for the pledge master and his 13 INCH COCK to initiate yet another willing pledge. In this case, initiation meant the pledge was going to gag on some massive cock and then turn tail to take a footlong in the fudge hole! click here for action

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Erotic Story: Pillow Magic
   Have you ever laid in bed, humping your pillow while thinking about sticking your dick up your best friend’s ass? Christ, my pillow case has more peter tracks than Eric has hairs on his ass. Eric, that’s my friend. The one indirectly responsible for the shameful condition of my pillow. All thought high school we’d been inseparable. We’d done everything together, well, almost everything. We’d never messed around with each other. We’d come close a couple of times. Like me, I knew Eric was dying to explore his sexual options, but he just couldn’t quite let himself go.
     I knew exactly what was holding him back. It was fear. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust me, I knew hhttp://1gayavenue.com/1gayavenue_vid/video_clips.htme did. But let’s face it, secrets sometimes have a way of getting out, and he was worried about his image. I mean, what people would think if it ever got out that we had a thing for each other? The same concerns had crossed my mind too, but I was willing to take my chances, Eric wasn’t, and it was driving me crazy.
    Eric and I had spent the morning working on his car. After spending three hours staring at his ass as he leaned over the fender of cherry-red Mustang, I was even hornier than usual. Every time Eric looked up from under the hood his eyes dropped to check out the bulge my dick made in the crotch of my jeans. Each time he checked it out, it was bigger than the time before. I knew he wanted it, but as usual, he refused to give into temptation. It was noon when he dropped me off at home so I could clean up. My cloths were a greasy mess. Mom would kill me if I tracked dirt across her carpet. I decided it might be best if I undressed in the kitchen. Both my parents were at work, so I didn’t have to worry about being caught parading around naked.
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